Who Saw Gandhiji

Sometimes old words acquire new meanings, as happened in this incident.Gandhiji had arrived at the Harijan Ashram in Delhi. In this ashram ran a workshop to train boys in various vocational skills.

When Gandhiji entered this workshop during his round of inspection, the boys working there stopped what they were doing to stare at him curiously. A lone boy, engrossed in making rotis, was so involved in cooking them over the chulha that he did not get to know that Gandhiji had just passed from there.

As Gandhiji came out of the workshop, one of the boys remarked in amazement, “Arrey, the boy making rotis did not see Bapu (Gandhiji) at all.” Bapu responded at once, saying, “If there is anyone who really saw me at all in the whole workshop, it is the boy who was making rotis.”

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