Getting and Staying Organized

Sometimes, getting organized is hard because it can seem like an overwhelming and daunting chore. Break the big job down into smaller tasks and get started! Even if you tackle just one a week, you’ll make progress. Being organized means you’ll save time on a daily basis just for yourself and can do things that you really enjoy.

The kitchen

While your kitchen cupboards might need organizing, focus first on the pantry. When the pantry is an absolute mess, it’s difficult to find what you need. For solution you can 1) Group Like Things Together and Label It. Grouping and labeling makes things easier to find. It also helps other people to find things you have organized.
2) Sort through all of the items and throw away anything that has expired.
3) Make sure the location, containers and drawers will keep your valuable stuff safe from the destroyers like dust and dirt, moisture, sunlight, and pests include insects and vermin. Something valuable stored poorly becomes junk overnight.

Kids room

If your kids are older, now is a good time to teach them about organizing their own lives! With your help, your kids can create a system for their toys and other prized possessions. However, if you have toddlers, preschoolers or young children, roll up your sleeves.
An easy and inexpensive way to organize your kid’s toys is to purchase clear bins to separate and store them by type or theme.

Your bathroom

Having your makeup and brushes organized can save valuable time off of your morning routine. You can purchase basic and inexpensive clear makeup containers and brush holders. Once you organize your makeup, keeping it that way isn’t hard. Find places in your drawers for your hair styling tools and products as well, and get in the habit of putting them back when you’re finished each day.

Your closet

Getting your closet organized is the key to saving time each morning. Take a day and organize your closet. First sort through and donate or resell clothes that don’t fit.
Next, divide your clothes by season and type — for example fall/winter and spring/summer. Within each of those categories, further separate by type of clothing — skirts, pants, short sleeves, long sleeves and dresses. If you’re particularly motivated, you can also sort by color. It could take an entire day to organize your closet, but you’ll save a lot of time each morning so it will pay off.

Put things in their right place

If you found golf balls in the kitchen junk drawer, put them with the golf clubs. If the hair dryer somehow ended up in the living room, make sure it finds its way back to the bathroom. When you have got stuff in your hand, recite “Don’t put it down, put it in its place” then everything would be so easy.

We are busy! Taking time away from our daily jobs, responsibilities and commitments to organize our homes is difficult, but the return is great.

 All the best….

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