Highest form of worship

Prophet Muhammad once said:

 “The highest form of worship is to pray as if you were seeing God.”

We learn from this Hadith, The highest form of worship is for man to sense the presence of God during worship, and feel that he has come close to God. His eyes are moist with tears. He starts receiving inspiration from God, at that time he can experience the refreshing, cooling effect of God’s love and blessings for him. It is this feeling of closeness to God which is the highest form of worship.


Jesus Christ once said:

“Man cannot live by bread alone.”

It means that physical food cannot provide complete fulfillment to man. It requires something more. This something more is spirituality. If food is needed for the nourishment of the body, spirituality is needed for the nourishment of the soul. Both are required for the complete development of the human personality. The human body is nourished by material food as is known to all of us. But the question arises as to how our soul receives its nourishment. When man worships God, when he remembers Him, when his heart is turned towards Him with full concentration, when he makes a request or a plea, he establishes a connection with his Maker, this connection leads him to get spiritual experiences.

Open your mind to change

Article  By Waheeda Rehman                  

“Everyone has a purpose and it’s never too late to fulfill it”

Being spiritual to me is being happy; happiness comes when you accept what you have in life.

We need to be content to be happy. And one can’t be content by expecting too much from life; it’s a cycle, so it’s better to accept what life offers. I ask God for a healthy life and that is the most important.

If one has good health, then wealth is bound to follow because a healthy mind and body, I believe, keeps one spirituality fit. One does not overtly have to display religious beliefs to be spiritual. It lies in nature, people and everything around us. Say, wearing a T-shirt with God’s images or sporting amulets and talismans doesn’t make one spiritual.

These are outer layers of a being, which have no connection to one’s spirituality. God resides in what lies beneath the skin. There is always a supreme force guiding us and I believe in it. Everyone in this world has a mission or a purpose in life, and it’s never too late to fulfill it.

There’s a thin thread that binds spirituality and God and that is ‘faith’ — faith that things will turn good and better in the end. Spirituality is in learning new things; it’s all about opening your mind, getting ready for change and discovering the world. Education makes us feel all learned, but what we don’t know might actually be bigger than the sum total of what we’ve been taught all our lives.

For me, spirituality is the quest to know the unknown. I thank God for everything. I find beauty in all His creations and see everything in a positive way. I’ve always looked at the glass as half full and not half empty — maybe that’s what has been the driving force in my life. 

Creation Plan Of God

It would be correct to say that man is a seeker by birth. These questions lurk in everyone’s mind: Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? What is the reality of life and death? What is the secret of man’s success and failure? etc. These questions may be summed up in a single sentence: What is the Creation Plan of the Creator?

The Creator of man has created him according to a special Plan. The existence of man is such a unique phenomenon that no other such example can be found throughout the vastness of the cosmos. Man is rightly called the ‘best of all creations’, which means the best and most meaningful ‘being’ among all the things created. Such a ‘meaningful being’ cannot have been created without a purpose.

The Creator of the world has created this world, as one half of a pair — the present limited world, in which we pass our lives after birth, is the first half; and the next eternal world where we live after death is the other half. The Creator of man has thus created him as an eternal creature and has divided his life into two stages — the pre-death period or the limited life in this world and the post death period or the eternal life after death. The limited period before death is meant to be a test for man, the gist of which was to give man complete freedom, not simply as a gift, but as a test. The result of this test would enable God to know who misused his freedom and who put his freedom to the best use. This was, and still is, the divine scheme of things for man. This test is not just for the sake of testing mankind. It is for a high purpose, while the eternal period after his death will be the period for his reward or punishment, based on his performance in the test in this life. This is the scheme of existence for this world as devised by its Creator.

I know that after reading above paragraph, you may have question about freedom,what is that freedom? According to the Creation plan, God has given us complete freedom in our actions and simultaneously he has given us conscious mind which can guide us what is right and what is wrong, in this world human beings are placed in situations where they have to face hardships from time to time throughout their life, here wealth is not a reward and poverty is not a punishment but it is a part of their test, God only watch your actions in every situations. No man has the power to extricate himself from this trial and tribulation. This arrangement is to remind man of the fact that the present world has not been made as a place of luxury and comfort, but rather as a period of trial, So, the real aim of creation is to select those who are fit to inhabit the eternal world of Paradise.

Paradise is that world, where a creation such as man attains his complete fulfillment, where he thinks the way he wants to think; where he sees what he desires to see; where he listens to the sounds that give pleasure to his ears in the real sense; where he touches those things which gives him the highest degree of pleasure; where he has the company of those people who make his life highly meaningful, where he eats such food as he eternally craved for and he sips such drinks as are only beautiful figments of his imagination today.

According to this divine scheme, the present human lifetime affords a great opportunity to man. In the pre-death period, man gets the chance to qualify for paradise, so that in the post-death period he may settle as a deserving candidate in this perfect and eternal world.

Reference: “The Reality Of Life”, booklet by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan